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One of the best things about my job is that I get to watch my client’s families grow. It  always amazes me how much children can change from one session to the next. Meet Keegan. I have been photographing Keegan since he as about 18 months and now he is 8! It’s hard to believe so much time has passed but as I look back I can remember each and every session we’ve had together. We started when he was just toddling around, to the session where we thought bringing his red tricycle was a good idea (oh heavens what were we thinking!), the session with the baby chicks for Easter ( I think  I instituted a no farm animal policy after that session!) the session at the park with his mom, and the session with the dogs and his star wars light sabers, to the session in the studio with his big boy tie, to last year when I photographed him with his puppies and this year for his First Communion Images. We had to wait a few weeks to capture these but it was worth it. Despite being a tiny bit tired, Keegan was a pretty good sport for being 8, all dressed up on a school night after baseball practice no less.  Their church as beautiful grounds and we were able to get inside as well. I think having the church quiet and without all the commotion was a good thing. Thanks Heidi, for continuing to let me participate in a very small way, with you and Keegan. I love watching him grow and am grateful that you continue to call on me.

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