Heeerreeeeeee’s M!

Gosh how lucky I’ve been this senior season…such great seniors to photograph. We had such a good time working together last week! And it’s such a small world…all these little connections, friends and family in common. M was a trooper….putting up with all kinds of critters during her outdoor session and letting me play a

And here’s S!

Poor S…we had to cut our session in half this week due to weather…that dang mother nature was out to ruin our location session time so we’re going to wait until it is PERFECT to finish her session!! We had such fun doing the studio portion though! I love it when they just “get it”

Meet R!

Some days are just more fun than others…and this was one of them. R is a terrific kid and good sport. We had some really nice weather and good light for his outdoor session! Field of dreams…um…not so much! Despite the huge mesquitos, also known as the state bird, we managed to get some awesome

Meet M!

I’ve known M since she was 9 I think….and it has been great fun watching her grow and change. M is another good friend of my daughters…all three of them! She’s been our babysitter, our soccer teammate, our classmate and our friend. It’s hard to believe she is going to be graduating soon and heading