Michigan High School Senior Photographer {Beth Eggert Photography}

Michigan High School Senior Photographer As a  Michigan High School Photographer, I  have the opportunity to work with many seniors from the Southeast Michigan area! I’ve met some terrific kids and families doing my job. It’s always funny to find out that we know some of the same people or live just around the corner

L’Anse Creuse Senior Photographer {Beth Eggert Photography}

L’Anse Creuse Senior Photographer  Meet Paige! Sometimes you just start a session and you know you are going to have a good time capturing some fun images. That’s how it started with Paige and I was not disappointed! Paige is so funny and animated and full of joy that our time together went too quickly!

Michigan Senior Photographer {Beth Eggert Photography}

Michigan Senior Photographer Michigan Senior Photographer Peter is a Class of 2012 and came to the studio last week to finish up his session – we got together last fall to do his outdoor portion. You know, sometimes life and things get in the way and it just took us a while to coordinate everything.

Michigan High School Senior Photographer – LCN

Meet Kelsey! You know, sometimes you just sense from the minute you start a session that you are going to enjoy it tremendously. That’s how I felt when Kelsey came to the studio. I’ve known Kelsey’s family for quite some time (yep, she’s a sib to a past senior client – love that~!) and it