All items will be priced from the price list in effect at the time the retainer fee is received and the session confirmed. Prices are guaranteed for a periodBeth Eggert Photography Seniors of 30 days following the date of the portrait session. Within this 30 days you will receive your on line gallery link, schedule your ordering appointment, and place your order. Ordering appointments must be held during the online gallery period. Items purchased more than 30 days after the session may incur additional fees including a $50 re-hosting fee, and/or a $50 archival retrieval fee, the forefiture of any discounts/waivers/free products and the order will be priced according to the most recent price list in effect Any order not placed within the 14 day ordering period will no longer be eligible for any specials or free product offers, including waiver of session fee if applicable.

All orders and payments are due within the viewing period. There will be a $50 fee to rehost your gallery if you do not place your order during your ordering period. Any images not ordered after 30 days will be purged from the system and sent to archive. There will be a $50 fee to retrieve files from the archive .

All payments are due in full before your order is placed, unless you have previously worked out a payment arrangement with our business office. Payment Plans are available with the purchase of $1000 or more in prints. Returned checks are subject to a $45 returned check charge and must then be replaced with cash/certified funds or credit card. Beth Eggert Photography (BEP) retains the copyright and ownership of all images created during the portrait session and has the right to make reproductions of images for portfolio samples, display, self-promotion, and professional competition. BEP will not make reproductions for other commercial use without first obtaining the permission of the client.

Clients will not make copies of any image purchased from BEP for any purpose including circumventing the sale of images by the photographer. Nor will the client authorize any reproductions of the images for commercial use, photographic competition, or display except by BEP. This includes scanning, photocopying, take pictures of or copying in any manner for upload to any social media.

All collages and custom Art Books include two client-requested changes at no cost. After two client-requested changes, each additional change is $50, payable in advance of the changes being made.

Any additional orders placed after 30 days will be considered a reorder and subject to a $50 minimum.

No other camera or equipment other than the photographer’s is allowed in the photo session.