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Child Photography

Child Photographer – Beth Eggert Photography

I love child photography. I love capturing those little things that speaks to who the child is right now, in this moment. You know,  time goes by so quickly, you blink and your baby is in High School, then college, then getting married (yes, this is where I am at these days!) So I love it when I get a chance to see some of my favorite children every year. To see how they’ve changed, to see what new things they like, to see if we can grab just a few images that convey all of that personality. TJ and his mom Anita, have been to the studio and on location quite a few times over the last few years. Every time I see TJ, he is cuter, more outgoing, more talkative, more fun! This time, mom let him choose his own clothes for the session. I could tell he was really proud of his choice and he did pretty good, too! We have a bit of a gloomy day but some lovely fall color. I was so happy to see the golds and red at the park, and TJ was happy to see the swings and play set! Towards the end of the session, he wanted to show off his batman shirt. We just had to grab a shot or two. I can almost hear his giggles when I look at these images! Thank you Anita, for continuing to allow me to share in these special moments.

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