Anchor Bay Senior Photographer {Beth Eggert Photography}

Anchor Bay Senior Photographer

You just never know where things are going to lead you. A few years ago I had the opportunity to photograph the Anchor Bay High School Girls Volleyball teams and have had the pleasure to continue to do so for the last four years. That means that Taylor has actually been in front of my camera more than just about any other senior I’ve photographed (with the exception of my own girls that is). Who knew that we would meet up again as she was heading into her senior year for portraits! It’s been wonderful to work with Taylor and her mom. I have to say, the whole time we were in our session, I kept thinking she reminded me of someone famous but couldn’t quite figure out who… then it hit me.. she looks like ┬áRachel Hunter – the super model! Taylor is super sweet and just a joy to work with. She was such a trooper on the day of her location session it was pretty darned hot and humid and she kept up her good spirits and always had a smile ready and waiting! She definitely knows how to channel her inner Tyra! Thanks Taylor, so much for choosing Beth Eggert Photography for your portraits!

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Anchor Bay Senior Photographer

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